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ఇక్సోరా- నూరు వరహాల మొక్క  మా వద్ద పింక్,రెడ్,యెల్లో,ఆరంజ్,వైట్,పీచ్ రంగుల మొక్కలు లభించును.

Ixora is A Tropical To Semi-tropical Evergreen Shrub That Is Suitable For Indoor & Landscapes.The Plant Is Often Grown As An Annual In Temperate And Cooler Climates. Ixora Shrubs Are Known For Their Large Corymbs Of Bright Florets. The Large Flower Clusters Come In Red, Orange, Yellow and Pink.

it’s Also Known As Jungle Flame And Flame Of The Woods.

  • Singapore Ixora Pink,Red,White Colours.
  • Ixora Thai Pink,Red
  • Mini Ixora White,Red,Pink