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Tabubia Avalanda

Tabebuia Avellanedae

Common Name: Pink Tabebuia, Deep Pink Tahebuia

Regional Name: Marathi - Gulabi Tabubia

Plant Description:

- What It Must Have Taken For Such A Tree To Evolve!
- This Tree Is In Full Bloom - When Very Few Other Trees Have Flowers - Ie At The Onset Of Winter.
- One Of The Finest Flowering Trees In Tropics And Subtropics.
- The Tree Flowers Profusely During Winter And Early Spring.
- A Deciduous Tree Of Medium Height.
- 10 M To 12 M Tall.
- Leaves Palmately Compound.
- Flowers Reddish Mauve, Funnel Shaped, Lobes Expanded, About 5 Cm Long, 3.5 Cm Across, Arise In Clusters On Leafless Branches.