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Tabebuia Argentea

Tabebuia Argentea

Common Name: Yellow Tabebuia, Golden Bell, Silver Trumpet Tree.

Regional Name: Tabubia Yellow

Plant Description:

- One Of The Best Tropical Yellow Flowering Trees.
- Origin - Brazil
- 10 M Tall.
- Completely Leafless Tree During Early Summer.
- Showy Tropical Flowering Tree With Crooked Trunk And Corky Bark, To 8 M High, Covering Itself In The Leafless Stage With A Profusion Of Rich Yellow Trumpet Flowers 5-8 Cm Long.
- Foliage Appears After The Bloom.
- Leaves Palmately Divided Into 5-7 Narrow Leaflets To 15 Cm Long, And Covered With Silvery Scales Oblong Woody Dark Brown Fruit 15 Cm Long.
- Leaves Arise After First Flowering And A Second But Minor Flush Of Flowers Occurs After Emergence Of Leaves.
- The Tree Is Often Damaged By Strong Wind Or Uprooted In Cyclonic Weather Due To Its Shallow Root System