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Anthocephalus Chinensis, Kadamba

అంథొసెఫల్స్ చినెన్సిస్(కదంబ)

  • It Is A Large, Evergreen Tree With Beautiful & Unique Flowers.
  • The Tall Deciduous Tree Grows Up To 45 M High
  • Leaves Are Glossy Green
  • It Is Quick, Large Growing Tree.The Fragnant Flower Of The Tree Is Red To Orange In Colour, Occurring In Dense, Globe-like Head. It Nicely Assumes The Shape Of A Ball. When The Tree Is In Bloom, One Can See The Tree Loaded With Numerous Beautiful Flowers.
  • The Flowering Usually Begins During Monsoon When The Tree Is 4–5 Years Old.
  • The Timber Is Used For Plywood, Light Construction, Paper, Boxes And Crates, Dug-out Canoes, And Furniture Components.
  • Kadamba Flowers Are An Important Raw Material In The Production Of ‘attar’,
  • The Tree Is Grown Along Avenues, Roadsides And For Shade.
  • Kadamb Tree Leaves Are Also Used For Treating Diabetes.
  • It Is Belief  That Plantation Of Kadamb Tree Near To Lakes And Ponds, Brings Happiness And Prosperity In Their Life.