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అశోక చెట్టు (Ashoka Tree)

The Ashoka Tree Is Primarily Grown And Cultivated In The Indian Subcontinent. It Is Considered To Be Very Sacred By The Hindus. This Tree Is Often Associated With Yakshi Mythological Beings And This Tree Is Often Found At The Gates Of Buddhist And Hindu Temples. The Yakshis Under The Ashoka Tree Were Also Very Popular As Decorative Elements In Early Buddhist Monuments. This Tree Is Often Mentioned In Ancient Indian Religious And Amorous Poetry And Has 16 Different Names In Sanskrit Referring To Its Different Parts.

The Ashoka Tree Is Best Cultivated In The Months Of May And June And They Are Propagated Best By stem cutting. It Is Difficult To Propagate Ashoka Trees With Seeds On A Large Scale. However, The Wild Varieties Of This Tree Is Slowly Becoming Endangered.