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Bamboo Vulgaris, Golden Bamboo

బాంబో ఉల్గారిస్ (గోల్డెన్ బాంబో) Bambusa Vulgaris Is An Erect, Evergreen, Clump-forming Bamboo Growing 15 - 20 Metres Tall. The Thin-walled, Hollow Canes Are 40 - 120mm In Diameter With Internodes 20 - 45cm Long.

The Plant Has A Very Wide Range Of Uses And Is A Very Important Component Of The Local Economy In Many Areas Of The Tropics. It Is Widely Cultivated In The Tropics And Subtropics Both As An Ornamental Plant And For Its Many Uses. It Adds A Particularly Tropical Forest Appearance Where It Is Planted, Though It Needs A Lot Of Space To Spread.