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Orchids Colours

మా నర్సరీ వద్ద అన్ని రకముల ఆర్కిడ్  కలర్స్ పూలు మొక్కలు  / అన్ని రకముల ఆర్కిడ్ వెరైటీస్ లభించును

The Orchidaceae Are A Diverse And Widespread Family Of Flowering Plants,with Blooms That Are Often Colourful And Fragrant,commonly Known As The Orchid.

Available In Our Nursery - Cattleya Orchids,Brassia Orchids,Cymbidium Orchids,Vanda Orchids,Encyclia Orchids,Miltonia Orchids,Oncidium Orchids,Epidendrum Orchids,Odontoglossum Orchids,Zygopetalum Orchids,Phalaenopsis Orchids,Psychopsis Orchids,Paphiopedilum Orchids,Dendrobium Orchids,Phaius Orchids,Maxillaria Orchids,Phragmipedium Orchids,Catasetum Orchids,Lycaste Orchids,Ludisia Orchids,Vanilla Orchids,Brassavola Orchids.